Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Jews were some of the first people to have large egg farms. In her book about the Jewish farming community of Farmingdale, New Jersey, Gertrude Dubrovsky writes, "Jewish farmers took chicken raising out of the backyard and made an industry of it". Jewish owned egg farms ranged anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 birds.

Season Premiere: The longanticipated fourth season, filmed/perpetrated in Florence, Italy. But, as we learned, it doesn matter where Jersey Shore takes place, just like it matters not from where you contracted that venereal drip: It still a venereal drip. Anyway,fitflop outlet, the venereal drips we come to know and love (The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Vinny, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi and Deena) are hooking up in their this year,shoes fitflops, and we all going to watch it then come back next year for Season 5(!), which returns to the actual Jersey Shore, and remain rapt until the 2027 Season 20 finale in Boca Raton, where lone surviving cast member Mike Declining Situation Sorrentino finally succumbs to cancer after one last GTL (gym, tan, lumpectomy) session..

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Among the new camera views this year will be another angle from Brooks Falls, where bears  as many as four abroad one day last week stand in the water and try to catch salmon traveling upriver to spawn. The new camera is at eyelevel of the bears, a perspective that neither rangers nor visitors see. Cameras also are situated at the riffles, a few hundred yards downstream from the falls, and at the lower river, where cameras will catch the bears fishing near the pedestrian bridge, oftentimes sharing the river with anglers..

Wanted it to be a little more personal than just doing a fundraiser and donating it to an organization like the Red Cross, he said. Wanted to know the people that would be receiving the money. We wanted to know what they were going to be able to do with it and to have some more personal contact with them.

Court documents indicate that at least 145 Stryker hip lawsuits have already been filed in the New Jersey litigation. Last month, Bergen County Superior Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti set forth procedures for the parties to begin selecting cases to move forward toward early medication.